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Chenin Consistency

20 June 2020 Chenin Blanc lovers across the world will celebrate International Drink Chenin Day. A questions we receive on a regular basis is what makes Deetlefs Estate Chenin Blanc range unique from other wine estates.

The Deetlefs vineyards are established in the Western Cape at the foot of the Du Toitskloof Mountain range in the Breedekloof-area.It is these magnificent mountains that provide the early shadow formations and long cooling period at night. The vineyards benefit from the unique terroir on the banks of the Smalblaar River that forms the one border. Ideal conditions for enhancing the delicate and complex flavours in the grapes.

“It’s a land we love, and even more importantly, it’s a landscape we intimately understand thanks to knowledge passed through 7 generations. We have learnt which combination of cultivars, soil types and areas on the farm lends our wines the complexity and personality (styles) for which they’re celebrated” – Kobus Deetlefs

With any wine, consistency is key and the Chenin Blanc range from Deetlefs Wine Estate have been recognised on both a national & international level on quality, style as well as value for money:



Tim Atkin

Deetlefs Reserve Chenin Blanc 2018 – 93 points

Deetlefs Chenin Blanc 2018 – 90 points

i-winereview Top SA Chenin Blanc in SA

Deetlefs Reserve Chenin Blanc – 92 points

Gold Wine Awards

Stonecross Chenin Blanc 2019 – Gold


Tim Atkin

Deetlefs Reserve Chenin Blanc 2017 – 92 Points

 China Wine and Spirits Awards

Deetlefs Chenin Blanc 2017 – Double Gold


Deetlefs Reserve Chenin Blanc 2017 – 93 points



Tim Atkin 

Deetlefs Reserve Chenin Blanc 2015 – 91 Points

James Suckling

Deetlefs Chenin Blanc 2015 – 90 Points



 Top 100 – National Wine Challenge

Deetlefs Estate Chenin Blanc 2015 – Double Gold

China Wine & Spirits Awards 

  • Deetlefs Estate Chenin Blanc 2015 – Double Gold
  • Deetlefs Estate Chenin Blanc 2015 – Best South African wine of the Year
  • Deetlefs Estate Reserve Chenin Blanc 2015 – Gold

Breedekloof Wynmaker van die Jaar 

Deetlefs Estate Chenin Blanc Reserve 2015 – Beste Chenin in area

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