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Our Wines

Grapes from the valley of the slow-ripening vines.

It’s a land we love, and even more importantly, it’s a landscape we intimately understand thanks knowledge pass through generation.
We have learnt which combination of cultivars, soil types and areas on the farm lends our wines the complexity and personality (styles)
for which they’re celebrated

– Kobus Deetlefs

The Deetlefs vineyards are established in the Western Cape at the foot of the Du Toitskloof Mountain range in the Breedekloof-area.
It is these magnificent mountains that provide the early shadow formations and long cooling period at night. The vineyards benefit from
the unique terroir on the banks of the Smalblaar River that forms the one border. Ideal conditions for enhancing the delicate and complex
flavours in the grapes.

1974 Philippus Petrus Deetlefs Muscat d’ Alexandrie

Like most things precious, South Africa’s most expensive dessert wine wasn’t made in a day. Back in 1974, two winemakers from Breedekloof entered into a friendly wager. One claimed it was impossible to mature a Muscat d’Alexandrie for any length of time. The other winemaker believed otherwise. His name was Philippus Petrus Deetlefs.

To prove his theory, he filled a third of a tank with Hanepoot lees, and the remaining two thirds with Hanepoot wine, and in closing the tank, he began a new chapter in the Deetlefs story. Fifteen years later, in 1989, the tank was opened. Inside was a unique and sublimely flavoured wine.

Behind The Wine

When it comes to wine, there is always more than meets the eye. From the land to the laboratory, bottelary and beyond,
everything we do is done on the farm. If you’d like to read more about our process, follow the button below.

Wine Tastings

The Deetlefs tasting room is open on appointment for group tastings. Please contact to arrange a suitable date and time.

Private Wine Tastings

We offer a unique tasting experience which we cater according to your individual needs.

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